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The ThermaSAVE Solution:
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10-Year Warranty
ThermaSAVE panels are guaranteed to last.

ThermaSAVE Fiber Cement Board Panels Outperform
Nearly Every Other Construction Method

Only ThermaSAVE is ICC certified to bond specially blended fiber cement boards to a super-insulating expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core, for a stressed-skin panel with unmatched strength, durability, and thermal efficiency.

The standard, 4-foot-wide panels can be up to 24 feet long and any thickness. Simply join them together to build walls, floors, and roofs that can withstand wind, water, extreme temperatures, and the twisting and flexing that slowly deteriorate conventional buildings.

ThermaBuilt TechnologyThermaSAVE panels can be used effectively for:

  • Load-bearing walls up to four stories high
  • Foundation or basement walls, even below grade
  • Floors spanning up to 16 feet between supports
  • Roof panels that can span up to 20 feet.

ThermaSave panels save time for crews

For residential and light commercial projects, ThermaSAVE Building Systems create superior buildings in less time. A modest, three-bedroom home, for example, can easily be constructed by a relatively inexperienced crew in about a week.

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