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The ThermaSAVE Solution:
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10-Year Warranty
ThermaSAVE panels are guaranteed to last.

Process to Purchase Your ThermaSAVE Home

Purchasing a ThermaSAVE home is easy.

1. Getting Started

To receive an estimate, e-mail your building plans, including the following information, to

Your building plans should be legible, and include:
  • Site location (city, state, ZIP)
  • Site address
  • Floor Plans with dimensions
  • All elevation views (with roof pitches noted)
  • Building section(s) showing wall heights and connection details
  • Projected construction date
  • Total Living Square Footage
  • Desired Thickness of panels
  • Roof Pitch and overhang lengths

You should receive an estimate from us within 5 days.

2. Estimate Acceptance

To begin your project please send to ThermaBuilt the following:

  • Signed acceptance of Budget Estimate
  • A check for the amount defined in the budget estimate, made to ThermaBuilt

3. Drawing and Drafting of Plans

After we receive the signed Budget Estimate the drafting and drawing process will begin. Depending on the type and quality of drawings that we receive this process will take between 2-6 weeks. When drafting is done we will send the drawings to you for approval. Changes can be made and a final drawing set is to be signed as being correct by you or your contractor as agreed. When Signed drawings are returned the second payment is due. Then we will out source the engineering can take up to 2-4 weeks.

4. Producing Your Home

Once we receive the engineering approval and you sign an acceptance of the engineering we will start production of your home. The production process typically runs about 3 weeks. When production is complete we will contact you or your representative to verify shipping and delivery needs.

5. Shipping

Prior to shipping the final payment is due. Shipping will be arranged by ThermaBuilt and will be delivered promptly by an outside shipping company.