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Cherokee County Library, Cherokee, Alabama
March 30, 2006

Dear ThermaSAVE,
Our library, built with your ThermaSAVE Building System, has become a popular gathering place here in Cherokee, Alabama. Since itsí construction nearly six years ago we have seen a steady increase in visitors. The quite comfort and structural security that ThermaSAVE offers has a way of attracting people. Many times people come in just to ask questions about the building. We oblige our visitors by letting them look around and pointing out that our building was constructed using ThermaSAVE structural insulated panels.

Many people come to the library to relax and enjoy a book or two. They are always surprised at how quiet and still the library is especially since we are only feet from the railroad and a busy city street. I am sure that if it were not for the noise dampening effects of our ThermaSAVE panels this location would be a difficult spot for our library.

Local community members have embraced the library and have found yet another use for it; as a shelter. Occasionally we have tornados. When a warning is issued there are those that seek the protection and structural comfort within our walls, while wind speeds outside our building reaching up to 200 mph.

In addition to being a quiet safe-haven for our community, the library has seen a great financial savings. Our new ThermaSAVE building is approximately 3000 square feet, which is nearly four times the size of the old 800 square foot brick library. Even though the new library is significantly larger our heating and cooling bills are less now than they were in our previous building. Low utility bills are only one of the savings our library has enjoyed. Our insurance premiums are also lower due to the fire resistance of the ThermaSAVE panels.

Our library continues standing strong and shows no physical signs of aging. We enjoy our library and the fact that it was engineered and crafted to keep our community and our educational materials safe within itísí walls. We love our building and hope to expand it soon. Of course we will only be interested in using your ThermaSAVE Building System.

S. Graham
Cherokee County Library Director
Cherokee, Alabama

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